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“The 2015 growing season in Napa, California, was exceptional, especially for Mount Veeder. With near-perfect weather, including warm days and cool evenings, ideal conditions prevailed for grape cultivation. This climate allowed for even ripening, resulting in wines with exceptional flavor and balanced acidity.

Mount Veeder, in the southern part of Napa Valley, flourished during this season, showcasing its unique terroir. The higher elevation and volcanic soils contributed to grape maturation. The resulting 2015 vintage from Mount Veeder exhibited intense flavors, deep color, and harmonious tannins, making it a sought-after and celebrated year.”

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Experience the opulent flavors of our 2015 vintage, a true representation of our commitment to excellence. This wine embodies the essence of rich, ripe fruit that gracefully mingles with subtle notes of leather and spice. Its smooth, velvety texture caresses the palate, revealing a deep black cherry essence that will captivate your senses. The mild tannins are impeccably balanced, with a subtle hint of pepper on the finish, ensuring a truly memorable tasting experience.Flavor Profile

  • Primary Notes: The palate is greeted with the luxurious taste of deep black cherry, embodying the ripe fruit at its peak of flavor.
  • Texture: The wine’s smooth and velvety texture enhances the overall tasting experience, allowing the flavors to unfold with grace and finesse.
  • Finish: The finish is characterized by mild tannins that are perfectly balanced, complemented by a subtle hint of pepper that adds a touch of spice and depth.

Overall Impression
The 2015 vintage epitomizes sophistication and richness, presenting a wine that beautifully balances the lusciousness of ripe fruit with nuanced notes of leather and spice. Its smooth, elegant character and well-managed tannins make it a standout choice, inviting you to savor the depth and complexity of this exceptional wine.

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