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The 2017 wine growing season on Mt. Veeder, California, unfolded as a testament to the region’s resilience and the artistry of nature. The year commenced with a dry and mild winter, leading to early bud break. However, a late spring frost challenged the budding vines, leading to lower yields but ultimately enhancing concentration in the grapes. The summer unveiled a contrasting mix of warmer temperatures and cooling breezes typical of the mountainous terrain, providing the ideal conditions for the slow, even ripening of the fruit. This extended ripening period endowed the grapes with exceptional flavor development and balanced acidity. As the harvest approached, the consistent, moderate weather allowed for a deliberate picking of the fruit at its peak, resulting in wines that exude finesse and complexity. Despite the initial challenges, the 2017 vintage showcases the resilience of Mt. Veeder, offering wines that reflect the rugged elegance and distinct terroir for which the region is celebrated.

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Discover the youthful charm and promise of our 2017 vintage, a wine that whispers of potential and growth. Patience is rewarded as this wine benefits from careful decanting, unveiling its ripened fruit amidst a youthful spirit. Bright red currant flavors mingle with a deep black berry aroma, offering a captivating and lively experience. The wine surprises with its remarkable smoothness, followed by a rebellious tannic finish that hints at a harmonious integration yet to come with the passage of time.

Flavor Profile

  • Primary Notes: Bright red currant flavors dominate the palate, showcasing the youthful vibrancy and promise of this wine.
  • Texture: The wine surprises with its incredible smoothness, offering a delightful texture that enhances the overall tasting experience.
  • Finish: The finish is rebelliously tannic, indicating the wine’s potential for future integration into a harmonious whole with the passage of time.

Overall Impression
The 2017 vintage is a youthful and promising wine that will reward patience and anticipation. Its bright red currant flavors and deep black berry aroma hint at the ripened fruit that will flourish with time. While currently showcasing a rebellious tannic finish, this wine holds the potential to evolve into a harmonious masterpiece, inviting you to journey alongside its transformation.

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