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The 2018 wine growing season on Mt. Veeder in California proved to be a dynamic chapter in our viticultural story. The year began with a cooler, wetter winter that replenished the soil and bolstered the vines with essential moisture. Spring arrived with moderate temperatures, fostering a slow and steady bud break, delaying the growing season slightly. The summer months unveiled a delightful balance of warm days and cool evenings, a hallmark of Mt. Veeder’s microclimate. This unique weather pattern allowed for a longer maturation period, resulting in grapes with remarkable concentration and complexity. Towards the end of the season, a temperate autumn extended the hang time, permitting the grapes to reach optimal ripeness. The meticulous attention to detail in the vineyard—coupled with the interplay of climatic elements—yielded wines that exhibit an exquisite harmony, with well-defined structure, vibrant fruit, and the distinct terroir of Mt. Veeder encapsulated in every bottle of the 2018 vintage.

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